Ma7ali Grocery

Starting a locally-sourced grocery


Cairo, Egypt


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About Ma7ali

Ma7ali (meaning “local” or “my store” in Egyptian Arabic) is a locally-sourced gourmet grocery and delicatessen.


A grocer

Ma7ali’s grocery includes a wide range of both fresh and packaged products sourced from local small-scale enterprises in Egypt. These include: dried fruits and vegetables, spices, spreads, pastas, breads, soups, cheeses, oils, honeys, eggs and meats, and raw produce. They are sourced from across the country, including Cairo, Sinai, and Siwa.


A deli

In addition, Ma7ali produces its own line of food products using ingredients sourced from local farmers.

Rooted in values

Ma7ali’s vision is to foster a food culture in Egypt valuing food that is good (flavorsome), clean (healthy and sustainable), fair (for producers and consumers), and local (indigenous, locally-produced).


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